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Trade Import Expert™
Features map - glide your mouse slowly over the screen to read feature descriptions.
Standard Suite of ToolsYou can drag and drop, file open, or cut and paste files into TIE.  Orders can also be manually entered, on the fly, in the Excel folder.Sub-account allocation view toggle button.Adjusts screen font size.Reference dialog boxes allow the user to search, cross-reference, update, add and delete, security, sub-account, side, FX information and more...Clear button"Set" buttons allow the user to manaully set order attributes.TIE's European Toolbar allows you to set European security attributes.Trade Summary ReportThe Errors report shows all the errors and conflicts in the trade list.The Account report displays the sub-account summaries.The Odd Lot report displays all the securities in the list whose share quantities are not within the security's lot size.The Mismatch report shows the securities whose company name in the client list does not match the company description found in the database.The Price report displays the securities whose client reference price is off by + or - 5% or greater from the prior night's closing price.The Restricted report shows which securities are restricted.The Daily Summary Report logs all files uploaded to the execution system throughout the day.The Bid report instantly calculates all your transaction costs for you in dollars and in basis points.The Liquidity reports summarize the orders by exchanges and itemize each security's liquidity percentage.The OTC report summarizes the OTC trades, both market-makers and non-market-makers.The Unknown folder displays only the unconverted rows from the list.  The "side" folders display order details grouped by side.The Total folder displays the transaction details for every order.The Country folder summarizes the orders by country, side, and sub-account.The Tabular folder provides a suite of editing features and gives you instant feedback on the status of your orders.The Excel folder allows you to process multiple worksheet Excel files.The Input folder displays the original input file.Range edit controls allow users to convert only specific  rows of an order.Side radio buttons allow the user to  set the side manually and override the side selection. Allows the user to search for data in a list.Alert lights warn the user of unconverted securities, security errors, conflicts, refernce prices that are out of range, and account imbalancesReconciliatoin lights show the user whether TIE's totals have reconciled with client totals in a list.The Summary Grid gives the user instant visual feedback on the number of securities and shares converted.TIE's Status Column gives the user instant feedback on the status of every order in a list.  Click on any row to see the summary for that row in the Status Bar at the bottom of the screen.TIE catches potential errors.  This company Mismatch error shows that the ticker the client sent refers to the wrong security, as shown in the Status Bar at the bottom of the screen.  Click on any row to view its order summary in the Status Bar.You can drag and drop, file open, or cut and paste files into TIE.  Orders can also be manually entered, on the fly, in the Excel folder.  TIE will columnize the data for you.TIE's Tabular folder has a suite of editing tools.  Shift + Right Click on any cell to FastFind the data in one of TIE's Reference dialog boxes.  A paste button in the Security Reference dialog box will allow you to instantly paste in new data and its corresponding information, if you select an alternate security id.TIE's Status Bar displays a security summary or detailed status messages for any row that is highlighted.


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